Dart Iron Eagle Small Block Ford Iron Block 9.200

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Main Journal Type:351 Cleveland mains
Engine Block Style:Aftermarket
Deck Height (in):9.200 in.
Cylinder Bore as Shipped:3.990 in.
Cylinder Bore Diameter:4.000 in.
Maximum Bore Diameter:4.185 in.

Main Journal Type:351 Cleveland mains
Engine Block Style:Stock/OEM standard deck
Deck Height (in):9.200 in.
Cylinder Bore as Shipped:4.115 in.
Cylinder Bore Diameter:4.125 in.
Maximum Bore Diameter:4.185 in

Engine Block Material:Cast iron
Main Bolt Style:4-bolt
Main Caps Included:Yes
Main Cap Material:Steel
Main Cap Fasteners Included:Yes
Main Bearings Included:No
Rear Main Seal Style:1-piece
Finished Cylinder Bores:No
Raised Cam Location:No
Cam Bearings Included:Yes
Freeze Plugs Included:Yes

Machine Work Optional:

  • Fully Machined block
  • Ready to assemble
  • Square decked
  • Torque plate CNC Honed
  • deburred
  • cam bearings
  • freeze plugs installed
  • align honed

Dart Iron Eagle small bock Ford cast iron bare block features:

* Dart blocks are fully CNC-machined for durability
* Multiple deck heights allow for increased displacements of up to 468 cubic inches
* Scalloped outer water jacket walls improve coolant flow around the cylinder barrels to prevent detonation, extend engine life and produce consistent cylinder temperatures
* 4-bolt billet steel main caps are standard. Three center caps have splayed outer bolts for maximum strength
* Two main bearing diameters 302 (2.249 in.) or 351C (2.749 in.) allow choice of small or large journal camshaft
* Upgraded oiling system has been completely redesigned with a low restriction priority main oiling system with external oil pump feed
* Reinforced head bolt bosses are blind tapped to prevent leaks and produce accurate torque readings (extra thick decks prevent head gasket leaks)


Notes:Block bores are .10 undersized to allow for piston set up.