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Engine Builder Magazine 5.3 #MLRE329

"We all have an engine platform we like better than others. For Mike Lough of Mike Lough Racing Engines, that platform is the LS. He recently built a 5.3L turbocharged 329 cid LS engine that runs on methanol and cranks out 1,341 hp! Read more to find out what makes it live."


Dragzine build of the month Barry Cooks #MLRE370

"These days, Cook’s combination is a bit more robust. This year’s build consists of a Mike Lough Race Engines 370-cube LS with a Callies forged crank, Weisco pistons, Molnar rods, Lil John’s Motorsports custom camshaft, Johnson short-travel lifters, BTR springs, SPS Haymaker cylinder heads, Fuel Injector Development 200-pound injectors, and a Holley Hi-Ram intake with a 417 Motorsports intercooler."


John Schaeffer driver spotlight with MLRE power

"The car is a 1999 Camaro Z28, full street legal car, with a Dart LS Next from Mike Lough Racing Engines. Diamond Pistons came on board last year, and we are testing the LSK pistons that are a great off-the-shelf piston paired with a Cam Motion cam, and Mast Cathedral heads to drive air from the F1X Procharger to maximize the power."


Johnathan Hurst Streetcar of the Week with #MLRE376

' "I started to have some fuel issues about a year later, causing me to go through 3 5.3L blocks until we found the issue. After the third one I called Mike Lough with Mike Lough Racing Engines,and asked him to build me an engine that would take the abuse I put it through with drifting but make it a good power range for drag/street racing.” Mike and Jonathan decided to go even bigger this time around, building a 376ci Engine with not one, but two turbos!'


Mike Whitlows 2014 SS #LittleDevilSS #MLRE388

"The engine was built by Mike Lough Racing Engines and included a Dart block, Callies crank, Diamond Racing Pistons, Callies I-beam rods, and a set of PRC 6-bolt cylinder heads built by Texas Speed and Performance."