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Designed with fortified tower flanges, Enforcer I-beam connecting rods are the ideal component for turbocharged and supercharged engines. The I-beam design has been time tested and proven as the most stable configuration in high torque applications. High combustion forces generated within boosted engines are capable of buckling a standard connecting rod that had been intended for a naturally aspirated application.

Ultra & Ultra Enforcer Connecting Rod Design Features

  1.  Truncated arc tower flanges improve stiffness and reduce weight. 
  2. Smooth notch free section at bearing housing shoulder. 
  3. Pressure Angle Arches disperse wrist pin induced strain. 
  4. Large web to flange transition radius. 
  5. Full fillet intersection of bolt spot face and interior gusset surfaces. 
  6. Stress spreading (twin rib caps) utilize the extended section concept of strength enhancement. 
  7. Precisely machined (Trapezoidal Contour) at the tower base eliminating parallel flange harmonics and increasing weight reduction. 
  8. Extended foot print at joint mating faces for superior housing stability.
  9. Min/Max gusset; our analyzed design minimizes material yet achieves maximum stiffness. 
  10. Low carbon, high-alloy Timken specialty steel.