Dart Race Series Big Block Chevy Aluminum Block 10.2 Deck

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Cylinder Bore as Shipped:4.240 in.
Cylinder Bore Diameter:4.250 in.
Maximum Bore Diameter:4.600 in.

Cylinder Bore as Shipped:4.490 in.
Cylinder Bore Diameter:4.500 in.
Maximum Bore Diameter:4.600 in.

Cylinder Bore as Shipped:4.590 in.
Cylinder Bore Diameter:4.600 in.
Maximum Bore Diameter:4.600 in.

Engine Block Material:Aluminum
Main Bolt Style:4-bolt
Main Caps Included:Yes
Main Cap Material:Steel
Main Cap Fasteners Included:Yes
Main Bearings Included:No
Rear Main Seal Style:2-piece
Finished Cylinder Bores:No
Raised Cam Location:Yes
Cam Bearings Included:Yes
Freeze Plugs Included:Yes

Machine Work Optional:

  • Fully Machined block
  • Ready to assemble
  • Square decked
  • Torque plate CNC Honed
  • deburred
  • cam bearings
  • freeze plugs installed
  • align honed

Key features of these Dart Race Series blocks include:

* Cast from virgin 355-T61 aerospace alloy for strength
* Ductile iron sleeves with extra thick cylinder walls promote excellent ring seal
* Reinforcing ribs strengthen the lifter valley bellhousing flange
* Inboard valley head stud bosses improve gasket sealing
* Priority main oiling system delivers oil directly to the crankshaft bearings to enhance reliability at high engine speeds
* Standard BBC cam journals, up to 60mm with raised cam options available
* Standard .842 in. BBC lifter bores, other options available
* Available with or without distributor provision
* Steel 4-bolt main caps with splayed outer bolts for extra strength (light-weight aluminum caps also available)
* Mechanical fuel pump boss, clutch linkage mounts, and side and front motor mounts simplify installation in chassis
* Dual oil pan bolt patterns fit standard and notched oil pans


Notes:Block bores are .010 undersized to allow for piston set up. Cam location raised +.400 in., Lifter bores .842 in., Steel main caps. Freeze plugs, dowel pins and plugs included.